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Handling the Vibroplex Paddle2 views55555
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Moonlight and Clouds4 viewsThis is also one of my favorite shots of the trip. Exposure was 20 seconds on the DSC-W1. I suppose the distant headlights may be in San Juan Capistrano. The city lights towards the left is probably San Clemente (my hometown).55555
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Santiago Peak at Night1 viewsThis photo was taken facing away from our campsite. The light on the ground was from our lantern. Exposure on the DSC-W1 was 30 seconds.55555
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Station line-up and microphones1 viewsI just started using the Shure 444 desk mic. Sounds great to me!55555
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Nice shot of the 12BY7A pre-driver tube4 views55555
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A pair of 6JS6C tubes in the final amplifier6 views55555
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4-Second exposure shot of FT-101 Line4 viewsAside from the light from my computer LCD, the room was completely dark. Exposure was set for 4 seconds on the digital camera. The LCD provided enough light to cast shadows behind the radio setup.55555
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Yaesu FT-101E 160-10 Meter AM/SSB at the San Clemente Base Station5 viewsThe original FT-101 series lasted for 8 years, beginning in late 1971 and lasting through 1979. This was the most popular and the most produced model by Yaesu in the FT-101 series. The FT-101 line at the San Clemente Base was purchased in 1976 by the original owner, a silent-key east-coast amateur operator. It is a "Late Model" version, with a serial # well above 20,501. I am the second owner of this line and am astounded at the care the original operator gave the equipment. There isn't a scratch on it! It has the Speech processor for SSB and the optional CW filter installed.55555
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Vintage Navy Radio Equipment3 views55555
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Woman PMS-10002 viewsInstruction manual not available...55555
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Alan 90014 views55555
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Home QTH Setup1 viewsMy home setup consists of: Yaesu FT-857d, MD-100 Mic, Vibroplex paddle, LDG AT-100 Pro autotuner, LDG FT Meter, and Astron RS-20S power supply w/speaker.55555
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FT-101E line-up1 viewsMy growing FT-101E line. I've since added the YO-101 monitor scope to the lineup.44444
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