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Center loaded CB antenna3 viewsThe center-loaded CB antenna isn't actually a Wilson 2000, but resembles one in construction very closely. It's actually a discontinued Radio Shack antenna #21-804. I found it in my garage still in the package. I'd prefer to use my 102" steel whip, but the SWR on the center-load is a little better. Signal reports between the 102" and the center load are only 1dB difference, favoring the 102". According to the package, this "High power Mirror Mount CB Antenna" handles up to 2000 watts.
Corona Ball1 viewsThe center-loaded antenna has a massive corona ball on top for static dissipation.
Quick Disconnect & Spring3 viewsEverything here is heavy duty, otherwise the antenna would fall over while driving. I plan to swap the white spring for a chrome one later.
Inside shot of Ball Mount install4 viewsSWR was improved from 1.5 to 1.1 after shortening the exposed section of the center conductor. To improve grounding, the primer/paint was removed by using a dremel tool with a sanding wheel. Conductive paste was coated on all bare metal surfaces to improve conductivity and prevent rust/corrosion.
Electric harness removed3 viewsBehind the wiring harness you can see the mounting in the rear quarter panel.
Coax entrance2 viewsFor the VHF/UHF antenna, I fed the coax through an available grommet on the rear door. For water/moisture protection, I used "coax-seal" ( around the entrance point.
VHF/UHF coax run1 viewsThe coax runs under the rear door's seal over to a grommet.
Comet B-10 and RS-730 Mount2 viewsThis antenna/mount combo is a great match. EASY to install and very sturdy when using either the B-10 or my 5/8 wave.
Comet B-10 and Wilson Trucker 20001 views
Galaxy 99V and D-104 M6B3 viewsThe Galaxy is OK, but not as versatile as my RCI-2950 in regards to 10 meter performance. What was galaxy thinking? The 99V only goes up to mid-28Mhz. The RCI goes all the way to 32MHz! I've since replaced the gaudy blue faceplate with a stock black faceplate.
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