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Tools & Parts1 viewsStainless steel self-drilling screws, stainless washers, stainless, 1/2" braid, NoAlox Anti-oxidant compound, wire brush, dremel tool with grinding wheel. ALL purchasable at Lowe's (except the braid).
NoAlox Anti-oxidant compound1 viewsThis is great stuff to protect against dis-similar metals, rust & oxidization. Thank goodness it was in Spanish, too.
Step 1: Drill Pilot Hole1 views
Step 2: Remove Paint & Primer1 viewsThe Dremel is perfect for this. Get down to the steel!
Step 3: Apply Anti-Oxidant Compound1 viewsUse NoAlox or other anti-oxidant, conductive compound.
Step 4: Attach Hardware1 viewsOnly use STAINLESS hardware. It's more expensive, but well worth it.
Grounding Strap2 viewsMake sure you plan for extra flexibility. Measure twice, cut ONCE.
Ground Strap on the rear hatch1 viewsBenefits achieved after ground strapping all doors: voltage drop decreased, power output increased by 2-3%, and most noticeably - cross chatter between my HF and VHF radios completely disappeared.
Driver-side ground strap1 views
Passenger-side ground strap close-up2 views
Hood ground strap2 viewsI installed two ground straps for the hood, as the engine compartment has the highest concentration of electrical noise.
Engine Block Grounding1 viewsThe engine was already grounded. To improve the existing connection, I removed the bolt, ground away paint & primer, and added compound for protection and conductivity.
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