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ABS pipes staged for lifting2 viewsIt was tricky getting the 10' pipes into the attic!
ABS Pipes3 viewsI purchased 5 10' sections of black 3" ABS pipe for supporting the antenna.
Arrow OSJ 146/4405 viewsYou can see my Arrow VHF/UHF J-pole in the distance.
VHF/UHF J-pole3 viewsHere's a better shot of my Arrow OSJ 146/440 J-pole.
4 viewsThe very back right-corner is where I wanted to start the North end of my dipole. Very cramped.
First pipe installed5 viewsHere are the first two 10' sections of the piping after coupling and gluing.
North side piping complete4 viewsTwo 10' sections and a 5' section all coupled and glued.
3" ABS Piping along roofline2 viewsI selected 3" piping to provide adaptability for future antenna projects. Traps can be added that will fit inside the wide piping.
North pipe and south pipe meet1 viewsThe distance between each is approximately 5' to allow for installing the balun.
Nice Shoes3 viewsWifey taking my picture. You can see the south pipe over my head.
My view from above1 viewsIt's only a 10' ceiling, so the attic is very accessible.
Common-mode coaxial choke2 viewsMy first attempt at a simple RF choke. I used 18' of RG-8x and wrapped it carefully around one of the rafters. Electric tape is used to help hold the form.
RF Choke to Balun3 viewsHere is the choke-balun connection. The balun is a simple 4:1 from HRO Anaheim.
RF Choke3 viewsHere's a closer shot of the RF choke.
W2AU 4:1 Balun4 viewsI wasn't ready to experiment making my own balun -- yet. Maybe next time. Thanks to Art Reno at HRO Anaheim for providing some assistance with this project.
Antenna Wire4 viewsI used 14 awg stranded copper wire for the antenna. I've since removed the wire nuts and soldered the connections. The length is 56' total. My attic is only ~60' across, so I used as much space as possible in the attic for the antenna.
Antenna wire connection2 viewsAnother view of the balun and antenna wire.
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